The adhesives used by Eluid and their manufacturing processes are as multifaceted as the materials they bond and the finished products.
Eluid supplies adhesives for the following applications, among others: envelopes; book and brochure production*; labelling; folded boxes; fold gluing; form sets; gumming; mailings; laminations; folder manufacture; pouch, sack and bag manufacture; packaging; cigarette production.
* also with original Lumbeck adhesives

Efficient cooperation between the various Eluid departments is ensured by a sophisticated and well-rehearsed logistics system.
Eluid adhesives are produced and filled on state-of-the-art, computer-controlled production equipment with, for instance, multiple mixing plants working in parallel.

Packaging types:

– Cans
– Buckets
– Jugs
– Hobbocks
– Barrels
– Containers
– Tank vehicles

We stick to the latest technology. Eluid.